Aligning local learning to business priorities
MCI Institute

Continuing our commitment to empowering local offices, MCI Institute spearheaded the process for local offices to tailor learning and development plans that were aligned with their local business priorities. These plans offer clear, actionable steps for their annual learning approach, incorporating initiatives such as Learning Week, local learning initiatives, and leveraging the resources available through MCI Institute’s digital ecosystem.

Moving forward, our goal is to encourage collaboration among offices facing similar challenges and opportunities, amplifying the #ThePowerofMany.

Local learning for global growth

In 2023, 14 Learning Weeks were organised across our offices, gathering 96% of the talents from the participatingagencies. Topics varied from one office to the other as the content was personalised to the local needs and market trends, however, their objectives remained identical: uniting talents to learn, improve and be inspired as a team. Through 4,173 learning hours received, the 991 talents who participated made the most of their experience.

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