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The Business Academy

The Business Academy serves as a pivotal event, bringing together minds from all our global offices to engage in discussions, learning, and forging meaningful connections aimed at propelling the business forward.

With a concentrated emphasis on Account Management, Consultative Approach, Operations, and Talent, the Business Academy delivers actionable methodologies and inspiration to senior managers. Armed with renewed mindsets, they return to their teams equipped to drive progress and innovation.

Business Academy 2023

At mci group, learning and development is never a solitary journey. In 2023, the Business Academy was held in Vienna, gathering 192 people across our brands to build connections, gain fresh industry insights, and identify new ways of thinking and working. The sessions were designed to challenge everyone to think critically, solve problems, and develop new ways of boosting client-facing opportunities while approaching business problems from different and thought-provoking perspectives. 84% of our senior leaders engaged in practical, case-based workshops, interactive sessions, and community-driven dialogue, representing 3,072 hours of learning.

The Business Academy 2023 was a success, with 88% rating their experience as “excellent”.

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