MCI Institute: Empowering talent and organisational success
MCI Spain learning event

At mci group, we are committed to creating a culture of continuous learning that equips our talents, and our organisation, with the tools for success.

At the heart of this culture is the MCI Institute, our global learning centre of excellence, which focuses on providing accessible learning pathways, resources and a range of development opportunities for all.

And, whilst these formal learning initiatives, which include global academies and live webinars, are essential, we also recognise the significance of informal and human-centred exchange, such as mentorship, community-based exchange, feedback and on-the-job experience.

Our comprehensive digital learning ecosystem is at the heart of the MCI Institute, providing equal opportunities, and access to learning resources, premium content and organic learning communities for employees in any location, at every level.

Together, mci group can learn to shape a more sustainable future where our talents possess the skills and knowledge to navigate an ever-changing world, and create a positive impact within and beyond our organisation.

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