Case story: Transforming the global education landscape through emotional storytelling
Education Cannot Wait (ECW)

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises. The Fund addresses the importance of education in times of crisis, including natural disasters, armed conflicts, forced displacement and other circumstances. It aims to keep supplying the children with quality education in crisis situations, providing them with opportunities to continue learning despite challenges in their respective countries.

In close collaboration with MCI and Dorier, EWC held a high-level financing conference in Geneva in February 2023, encouraging political and other leaders to place educational needs high on the international agenda. With the strategic help of MCI, they ensured the exhibition area had a greater impact and engaged their global audience of donors, government representatives, civil society, the private sector, youth, beneficiaries and other key partners.

To encourage people to donate, MCI’s strategic team focused on creating an emotional, genuinely humane storytelling: people needed to hear and read stories, not just from big organisations, but unique stories from the children themselves. Emotionally connecting with these stories would encourage people to donate. Therefore, MCI worked closely with ECW’s team to develop compelling videos for the opening session and other key conferencemoments.

ECW had a strong commitment to inclusivity for this conference, and Dorier had someone dedicated to ensuring inclusivity throughout the process. From the general event logistics, to content, stage design and technical production, our teams made the event accessible to all, whether they attended the event online or physically.

Key highlights

  • ECW High-Level Financing Conference helped raise an outstanding $826 million
  • MCI won a XAVER award for Best Corporate Event for their contribution
  • MCI provided coaching to youth speakers to help them better share their stories on stag
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