Work from home and flex workplace

We strive to provide our teams with the freedom to create, collaborate and enact change with fluency and ease. This means empowering talents to be able to work however they want, wherever they want, according to their needs, and the demands of their ongoing projects. The possibility to work from home is very much part of our culture today and our talents appreciate the flexibility it offers while providing a better work-life balance.

Whilst we stress the necessity to comply with local labour laws and job-specific requirements, we do not enforce any specific policies regarding flexible working. Instead, we offer local teams a set of guiding principles to help them thrive in the world of work, which include:


Most of our work requires teamwork; therefore collegiality, equity and the well-being of each team member should be the first criteria to define a work style and maintain connections and team spirit.

A home away from home

We will maintain physical offices as work and community gathering places. These spaces will always be available without limitations to anyone who wishes to work from our “home”.

Supporting one another

All talents should commit to regular face time with their team to build connections and camaraderie, share knowledge, and contribute to building a high-performance culture

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