Thriving through diversity

With talents originating from more than 70 countries and collectively speaking over 60 languages, our group’s worldwide presence affords us the unique opportunity to collaborate with a diverse array of talents from various cultural backgrounds.

This diversity fosters an international mindset and an understanding of society that enriches our group, enhances creativity and amplifies our ability to work cross-culturally as we accompany our clients into new markets.

Gender diversity at mci group
(same in 2022)
Gender balance of women in all talents
(57% in 2022)
Gender balance of women in middle management
(same in 2022)
Gender balance of women in senior management
(37% in 2022)
Gender balance of women in the Leadership team
Age and gender diversity
Governance bodies by age group
16 female, 25 male
18 female, 29 male
51 and above
Headcount by region and gender
291 female,
82 male
North America
117 female,
34 male
South America
544 female,
274 male
135 female,
45 male
Asia Pacific
44 female,
88 male
India & Middle East
Headcount by age and gender
304 female, 90 male
Under 30
658 female, 343 male
169 female, 90 male
51 and above

“At mci group, we hold diversity as a fundamental principle that we actively champion. Our commitment transcends mere statistics or targets; it’s about cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected and valued for who they are. Erica Fawer Group Sustainability Director

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