Striving to be a responsible employer

Our company maintains a healthy employee turnover rate of 13.8%, showing improvement from 17.4% in the previous year. According to our yearly engagement survey, an impressive 85% of our talents (up from 78% last year) plan to continue their careers with us over the coming year. These statistics confirm that we are a great company to work for.

In 2023, 86% (82% in 2022) of our workforce had a permanent employment contract, 11% (14% in 2022) had fixed-term or long-term freelancers’ contracts, and 4% were interns/apprentices.

We are providing the fairest and most equitable environment for our talents. Our group sustainability team works closely with group human resources (HR) and agency HR to regularly review and align our operations with best practices in human rights and labour rights, in compliance with global lawmakers (i.e., International Labour Organisation).

Remuneration is aligned with local industry standards and is compliant with local laws and regulations. We take pride in fostering a supportive environment by offering a variety of benefits, which may vary from one country to another. But most commonly, these benefits encompass health and wellness programmes, health and/or accident insurance, and/or retirement savings plans. Some talents are on a performance-based incentive plan, and our senior leaders are offered the possibility to participate in a share-based incentive plan.

We regularly monitor wage equality in the workplace at a country-specific level. Recognising the importance of comprehensive pay equity throughout all operations and functions, we will conduct a global gap analysis across all offices. Scheduled for 2024, this proactive initiative will enable us to identify opportunities to enhance our commitment to fairness and equality.

We support the rights of our people to join trade unions and to bargain collectively. However, trade union membership is rare in our industry, especially in some of the regions in which we operate.

“At mci group, our goal is to build a partnership with our talents that support their professional growth and personal success, enriching their lives both within the workplace and beyond.” Carlo Saya Group Human Resources Director

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