Nurturing well-being and mental health

We value our talents above all other assets, which makes their mental health, well-being and happiness a key concern for mci group. Our approach on well-being and mental health is in constant evolution as we encounter new challenges and opportunities along the journey, however, the following elements remain at the core of our strategy:

  • We continuously encourage each office to implement local initiatives promoting well-being and mental health following local needs and affinities.
  • We adapt our talent engagement surveys strategy according to the key areas of improvement identified the previous year, and monitor the progress over the year.

In 2023, 41 initiatives were put in place across our offices, including digital health services, mental health counselling or psychological support via external experts, massage sessions, healthy breakfasts, physical activities (yoga, Pilates, running, etc), internal conferences and workshops on mental health and well-being, Mind Over Miles (our group step challenge) and more.

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