Listening to and communicating with our talents

As part of our talent experience strategy, in 2022 we upgraded our talent feedback survey tool to an external measurement platform, providing us with more detailed employee insights and comprehensive analytics. Managers are also provided with tips and guidance on areas that could be improved.

We run an annual full engagement survey (with approximately 30 items), complemented by two shorter “pulse” questionnaires, to help us spot problems early, and act on them swiftly.

Our annual engagement survey took place in October 2023, with a total of 963/1410 respondents (68% of our full-time workforce).

Annual engagement survey highlights
eNPS* +29
which is a significant increase compared to 2022 (+10 points) while detractors have also decreased by 3%
talents average satisfaction score (77% in 2022)
of talents say that, in their team, they actively support each other when they fall or make mistakes
of talents feel people at mci group treat each other with respect
of our talents are proud to work for our company (85% in 2022)
of talents appreciate our CEO’s transparent communication (same result in 2022)
(Percentage of favourable answers) (*) Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a way of measuring how likely your employees are to recommend your organisation as a good place to work
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