Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) commitment

We are committed to creating a safe and accepting environment where everyone can thrive. We are committed to fairness and equity in all aspects of our organisation.

Our DE&I guidelines, as outlined in our Code of Business Conduct, are designed to reinforce a culture of belonging by providing a working environment free from discrimination, where everyone is respected, heard and valued.

Many of our offices have also created their local DEI&B groups or Diversity Squads, organising local campaigns on the topics that matter most to them. Our US offices have introduced the Affinity Groups programme, creating a space for a range of communities to come together within the workplace, including African American, Latino, Asian American, Women in the Workplace, Young Professionals, Military, LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Family groups.

Here is a snapshot of a survey conducted in the autumn of 2023 with a focus on DEI&B
(821/1564 respondents = 52% participation rate)
feel they can be themselves at work
know that if they experience or witness discrimination, their concerns will be properly addressed
answered favourably to the question, “My company is committed to providing equal opportunities for all”
(Percentage of favourable answers)

Despite these encouraging figures, we are committed to ongoing self-reflection, identifying areas for enhancement, and positively influencing our internal practices. Based on the initial gap analysis we conducted using the Women’s Empowerment Principles and the LGBTIQ+ Standards tools, we are currently working on the following initiatives:

  • Implementing self-identify on a voluntary basis where legally permissible and preparing awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of self-ID and including pronouns in employee descriptions
  • Revising our existing policies from a diversity and equality perspective and putting missing policies/guidelines in place, notably our Diverse and Equitable Recruitment Guideline
  • Improving our data collection to help us make better informed decisions
  • Setting up a pay gap audit and defining future targets
  • Providing more training for our managers
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