A culture of care

Thanks to Christelle Vitasovic who recently joined the Group HR department as Group Talent Relations Director, we put an extra focus on psychological safety, and further developed our strategy on mental health and well-being. Christelle is a valuable asset, building and maintaining positive relationships between talents and the company while offering counselling services to employees, local HR teams, and management. Holder of a master’s degree in psychology and counselling, she is also responsible for preventing and addressing psychosocial risks and implementing initiatives to promote mental health and well-being at work.

Through our 2023 talent engagement surveys strategy, we collected feedback on wellbeing, mental health and psychological safety.

We are pleased to note that:

think we actively support each other when we fail or make mistakes and treat each other with respect
trust their manager and have confidence in the senior leadership to make the right decisions for the company
feel comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions, even if they differ from the rest
have enough autonomy to make decisions regarding our work
feel they can be themselves at work and count on their colleagues to help each other do the job better

“These results demonstrate a positive ‘open error’ culture that enables progress and innovation in an environment where our talents feel safe to make mistakes, respect and support each other. Also, being autonomous in our jobs and understanding how we contribute to the success of the company is a stress- protective factor I am particularly enthusiastic about.” Christelle Vitasovic Group Talent Relations Director

Even though the surveys’ results are positively promising, there is always room for improvement, especially to help our talents manage their workload and job responsibilities in a way that allows them to have a good work-life balance; 32% of respondents feel they could have a better work-life balance, and 39% struggle to manage their workload. However, from the 300 talents who answered unfavourably, 69% feel they can discuss it with their manager, and 70% feel recognised at work, which positively impacts time management, stress, self-esteem, personal achievement and engagement.

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